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Save Your Way To Broke

November 21, 2017


Society teaches people that the way of life is to do well in school, get accepted into college, and get a great paying job. A lot of us spend years in extended education programs to become a specialist in our field. The goal is to make the most money in our career, so you can live the best.

What if I told you that reality is different?

What if I told you that wealth isn't measured by how much a person makes?

"It ain't how much money you make, but the accounts you put it in." My mentor used to tell me during debates.

It took me months and months of financial research to really understand what he was saying: 

Money is currency- currency is something that is always in circulation.

The average person is taught to save money and one day they will be wealthy . . . 

Banks take an average of 3% of your income annually + The cost of living increases 3% annually = 6% loss in wealth/yearly.


It takes 3 million dollars to pass through your hands before you are even considered a millionaire.

We must keep our money circulating in real estate, mutual funds, stock, and businesses.

Every dollar must make at least 6% interest! 

Don't me a sprinter, become a marathon runner!

Leave a legacy! 




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