NUM63R5: Born Millionaires

NUM63R5: Born Millionaires

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    Georgia residents raised in a rural town near the outskirts of Atlanta. The other generations that were affected by the War On Drugs; an epidemic wounding the world in more ways than imagined in the 2000s. An environment full of young men with potential, but more guns than positive mentors in the streets.

    Being raised in Hartwell, Ga was the most potent way to make a honest man. It’s hard to focus on college and 401k, with a crime rate over 8700 per 100,000 residents. Those NUM63R5 made this one of the most dangerous regions in the United States. Every year is a 1 in 11 chance that one will be a victim.

    Truth and his sidekicks, Ace and Siegel, are teenagers that went through obstacles that made them grow up faster than normal. They were blessed to have positive mentors, but the legacy behind those mentors were more fuel to the fire. The trio's journey included everything from Sex, Money, and Murder to Wall Street advice. Born 
    Millionaires mindsets!




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